Archipelago 1.0 is a fantastic puzzle game developed by Your Games World
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Archipelago 1.0 is a fantastic puzzle and word game developed by Your Games World. With its dreamy landscapes, wonderful graphics, together with its cool music and sound effects, Archipelago is a very easy game to play, as well as enjoyable. Your task will be to save the beautiful Archipelago islands from the invader cubes that try to take it over. In order to make it, you will have to click the cubes and collect them all, so as to clear them from the islands. Your final goal will be to collect the total of the cubes and in this way to save the islands from the invaders. To collect the cubes start clicking with the left mouse button. It’s just that easy. Besides, if you click with the right mouse button, extra cubes will be added, and this will be a faster way of collecting cubes. Be careful because if the cubes reach the top of the platform you have to restart the level. The game has more than 70 levels and 8 fabulous worlds to discover, including more than 20 awards. Its graphics and visual effects are one of the most striking aspects of the game. You can use it in windowed or full screen mode, choosing from five screen resolutions. You have also two play modes available, quest and arcade. As you move on through the surprisingly beautiful locations of Archipelago, you will be experiencing one of the most amazing gaming experiences. Archipelago is a highly recomended game.

Claudia Liliana Timmer
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  • Wonderful graphics and locations
  • Easy to play
  • Nice music and effects


  • you may spend long hours playing it
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